Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our wonderful weekend round-up

We received the good news we'd been praying for last Friday morning. My youngest brother had passed his final exams and at long last, had graduated from college. We were so happy especially my father because the financial and emotional burden of putting his three children through college was finally over. Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!

My parents and brother were in KL to visit us and to have a little celebration. I'd never seen my normally quiet father talk so much. That's how happy and excited he was. We're all looking forward to the young man's convocation on Aug 21 to be held at his university here in KL.

So I cooked lunch for everyone on Sunday when they arrived in KL. My brother had requested roast chicken and roast potatoes. I can't imagine why he keeps asking me to cook that for him each time he comes to my house. You'd think he would tire of it after a few times.

Anyway, I made the roast chicken, Dear Hubby helped with the roast potatoes and side dishes. It was pronounced delicious by all present and I beamed with pride. Dear Hubby grinned "Isn't my wife a good cook!" and my parents groaned and regaled him with stories of how I used to (and still do) squeal with fright when I had to light a stove. I can't help it. I'm afraid of fire. It's my dad's fault. He let me watch The Towering Inferno as a child and I never got over it.

While everyone's still shaking their heads over how this non-cook could suddenly feed a family of seven, I went to the fridge and got out dessert. "Look, I baked a carrot cake!" My dad did look and his mouth fell open. I like to think it was because he was so surprised I could bake and not because the cake was a 100% FAIL aesthetically. It was the sorriest looking carrot cake this side of the Milky Way. I'm not the best with frosting.

My bro the recent graduate bravely volunteered to try the first mouthful. Thank you, baby bro... love you forever, hehe. It was actually voted rather delicious by everyone and my brother went back for a second, rather generous helping. My dad ended up having carrot cake for dessert, afternoon tea, supper and breakfast the following day. Hehe... I felt so proud of my cake.

So there you have it. A happy family weekend for us all and a convocation ceremony to look forward to next week. Yay!


  1. hehe...you forgot to show us a picture of the cake! ;)

  2. The cake was so ugly it would have busted the camera had I thought of taking a shot. Hehe. Luckily it tasted ok. Can't imagine it if it had tasted as it looked!