Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Restaurant Review: Laksa Shack, Giant Kota Damansara

When I was working in my old job, there was a Laksa Shack outlet near us. I remember many happy lunch hours there with the gang.

So when I was shopping in Giant Kota Damansara two days ago, I spied one and decided to tah pau some lunch home instead of cooking. It was ten minutes to noon when I finally finished my shopping and went to the outlet. The only person around was this girl who focused intently on chopping something. Hotel California (the original version) was blaring from some radio near her. She didn't even know I was there looking through the menu. Uh-oh. Not good.

At that point, I really should have walked out. But I had this bloody laksa craving. So I hung on stupidly.

I called the girl and she came out. Her expression as she came out was "Oh my god there's someone in the shop... maybe... just maybe if I walk as slowly as possible, this person will go away and leave me in peace." Not good at all. I'm your customer! You should be welcoming me with open arms!

I made my order and she said hesitantly that it wasn't ready. Right. Food outlet has no food ready at ten minutes to noon. She said nothing is ready. Oh goody. So I said "What do you have?" (I really really should have walked away then) She said, "Ermm.. laksa Johor." I said, "Ok... bagi tu boleh." She nodded and walked again to the back of the outlet.

As I waited, she picked up the phone, called someone and had a frantic conversation about how there's a customer in the shop and she doesn't know what to do. See.. NOW was the time to really really really back out but for some stupid reason, I hung on some more.

I told her I'd be back in a bit and went off. When I got back, a guy was there and he was running around getting my order ready. She had returned to the back of the outlet and resumed her chopping.

When I got home, my laksa Johor comprised of yellow noodles, LOTS of shredded cucumber and one half of a hard-boiled egg. All that for RM9.90. Nothing else. Kosong.

I am NEVER going back there again. Lousy service, lousy food. Boy. I hope you bangkrap and put yourself out of misery.


  1. Babe - Puasa Month. Nuff said.

    But that's no excuse. I kept wanting to try but I never did. Then I heard 1 story about someone who kena food poisoning from eating there. From then on, every time I walk past the shop, I think "food poisoning" and quickly walk away. Its no wonder I never see anyone in there and those vats of "kuah" I see simmering away don't bode well.

  2. PB: I know but the shop doesn't just sell to Muslim customers right? The Malay-run shop near my house is business as usual. And you're right. I had bad tummy for 2 days after eating their stuff. Never again.

  3. Hi.. they shud tell u d truth. If its not ready n nothing to b served. Laksa Shack in Giant is quite new, never been there. I tried few times at Kelana Jaya, thank God didnt had any food poisoning but yes..coconut milk can spoil d fud easily.

    But overall i enjoy eatin there, wil try Giant KD tomorrow. God Bless me pls..

  4. If there is any laksa restaurant with no authentic laksa, Laksa Shack would be it. Even the briyani gam is not briyani gam as they claim it to be. No laksa I've ever tasted uses sardine for the gravy. I told the outlet owner at the Mall that I give them a few months to fold because most of his customers won't come back. Obviously, there's no more Laksa Shack The Mall as I have predicted. Frankly, those who pick up the franchise is in for a slow and painful death. There's no place for expensive food that tastes cheap in Malaysia, I wonder if there are any surviving outlets left nowadays