Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Open call for casting profile at Gary Star Talents Casting Agency

For those of you who would like to get your child or yourself started in the talent business and you're in Kuala Lumpur/PJ, there is an open casting call at Gary Star Talents Casting Agency.

Date: 26-29 Oct 2010
Time: 11am - 6pm
Attire: Smart casual and light make-up
Age: All age groups from baby to grandparents
Ethnic group: Any
Address: Model Studio, 16-2 Jln PJU 3/38A, Sunway Damansara
Contact: +6016-9306 573 (Gary Yap)

This guy is the real deal. He does not charge any fees for your casting profile. Beware of those who demand a fee for putting your photoshoot together, they are usually not the real deal. How do I know? Personal experience. We've been to two talent agencies and not once have we been asked to pay for the shoots. One of them was Gary's and it was Gary who got Connor his first job.

Have fun at the casting and good luck!


  1. i hv never been to a profile casting be4, could u pls give me some tips on it..other than a photoshooting session.what else should i do.

  2. Hi Eric, if you're going for your own profile, it's best to dress smart casual. According to the talent agent, practise some expressions first before going so that you can loosen up your facial muscles. Practise smiling, frowning, looking surprised, looking excited etc.
    If you are taking your child for the casting, it's best to bring along some of his favourite toys to help him relax and smile in front of the camera.
    Hope it helps and good luck!

  3. Hello Mrs Top Monkey,
    how is gary star agency in terms of payment? was it quick or did you have to wait a very long time? thank you for your help !

  4. Hiya, it arrived 3 months after the gig. It wasn't a prob for us as it was just some fun job for us and not our main source of income. But I think it might be a prob for some who intend to be pro talents.

  5. Hi there,

    I intend to send some pics of my 7 month old bub to a casting agency too. Besides Gary, do you know of any other baby modelling agencies in Malaysia?


  6. Hi Charlene, I don't know of any agency that specifically does child talents. Another agency had commented on one of my posts, they are Now Modelling. You can google them and send in your child's pictures. They look to be genuine.

    Good luck!

  7. Hi, do you have their email address? I would really like to contact them. If you do, would you kindly please email them to me... Thank you!!

    Email address: crystal_400@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Shiok Leng, sorry for late reply... I've been very busy lately. I don't have his email address. You can look him up on Facebook but I would really suggest going to his office for a casting. Even if you send in your own photos, he still can't reco you to clients until he does the casting in his office. The casting is free so don't worry about payment. Good luck!

  9. Hi, i just wanna ask. My sister is 15 years old, but she dont have a profile for modeling yet. Can she still join the casting event?

  10. Absolutely! When she goes for casting, they will take shots of her and create a profile for her which they will use to send to clients. If the clients shortlist you for a job, then you will have to go for audition for that particular job. Casting at Gary's is just to create your profile, it's not for any job in particular. Hope this clears things up.