Monday, October 25, 2010

Connor can talk! At last!

Omigosh. Connor actually said two whole sentences today.

The first happened when we were playing in the pool. Dear Hubby had promised he would come join us when he'd changed out of his work clothes and I'd been looking out for him. From time to time, I would say "Where's Daddy? When is he coming?" After his nth leap into the paddling pool, Connor suddenly said clearly, "Uh-oh. Where's Daddy?" and promptly leapt off into the water again. I was so surprised I almost failed to catch him in time.

The second was just before bedtime. He wanted to play with Daddy's bottle of juice which I'd put up on the shelf. I was helping Connor into his sleepsuit and wasn't quite paying attention to what he was saying. Suddenly, I realised Connor was saying "I want the juice." It came out as "I wan uh joo." but what the heck! It was a sentence!

I was SO happy. We'd never been worried about Connor's physical development because he was clearly all there and he was achieving his physical milestones ahead of the timelines described in baby books. But come language-wise, he was not as quick and I'd fretted and fretted.

In the last month or so, I noticed his language skills had picked up considerably. He was pointing out things to me all day long and would keep up a running commentary of anything he saw while we were out. "Bus! Tractor! Light! Car! Tick-tock! Girl! Fish!" etc etc etc He was also picking up words much quicker than he used to.

We've not had another sentence out of him since that juice thing. But I've finally gotten some hope that we will have some meaningful convie with him before long. Dear Hubby said by next week, he'd probably turn around to me and say "You know Mummy, I could talk all along!" and then cry while I faint from shock.

I am so happy my baby can talk that I am speechless.

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