Thursday, October 14, 2010

We've found the letter U.. FOR REAL!!!

Letter U was hiding in the pull-out tall cupboard next to the fridge. Letter U must have grown legs and made the mighty leap from the fridge to the shelf. Well, U is now back where U belongs - with the rest of U's fellows!

Tell you what.. all these ABC toys I bought for Connor seem to work. We were headed towards Solaris Mont Kiara for some groceries today. When I turned into the main road, Connor saw all the signs for parking and shouted from the back, "P!!!!!! P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

When I sign in to Blogger, he'll point at the logo and tell me "B!" When we're in the lift heading for the swimming pool, I'll ask him to press the button for lobby and he'll press it and inform me, "L!" The pool is next to Block B so he'll pause in his play and point out the giant letter to me too.

To be honest, I always thought all these toys were just the companies' ploy to get money out of our pockets into theirs. Heh.. nice to see I'm wrong.

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