Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why you should dress well ALL the time

Today I decided I would dress nicely instead of in the universal mummy uniform of jeans, tee and comfy-can-run-after-toddler-for-miles shoes. So today I put on a nice dress with a diamante buckle, put on a matching necklace, wore this pair of quilted shoes I got from Zara that reminds me so much of other lovely quilted things with interlocking C's logo and my nice bag.

Just taking that extra trouble meant I looked more Yummy Mummy than Slummy Mummy. I looked more like one of those mums who had an army of nannies at her disposal and could afford time to look chic when in truth, I'm your everyday vanilla mum who has to juggle housework, paperwork, grocery shopping, cooking, toddler care and hubby care everyday.

Did it pay off?

You betcha.

We ran into my ex-boss. The one who spends his whole day doing god knows what and then calls for a team meeting at 4:30pm and stretch it till 6:30pm with a last-minute assignment to be handed in at 9am the next morning. The one who thinks he's a great example to all employees because he works till 9pm daily, comes in full day on Saturdays and half day on Sundays (No, it just shows you have no idea how to prioritise and have no life). The one who for some odd reason, enjoys going to interviews at other firms and accepting their offer of employment while still remaining employed at his current firm.

I am so happy I looked like I was the leisurely expat wife who spent her days going for cocktail lunches and manicures even if nothing could be further from the truth. If I had turned up in my usual mummy uniform, he would have probably said something smug to me about my being unemployed. As it was, he and his Toady actually pretended they didn't see me. This must be good because he only ever talks to people he feels superior to.



  1. haha! Sucks to be him! :D I love being nasty that way too. Went to visit ex boss at new office. Swanned in nicely dressed with THE bag looking like i'm earning a million bucks. I don't but heck! he sure thot so :D

  2. Way tah go, sistah!!! You show that guy what you're made of!

  3. *joins PB in evil twin laugh* I was annoyed bec I'd seen them from the corner of my eye while taking C out of his stroller. I was ready to turn around and be civil but I saw Toady's hands fly up and cover the sides of the his face. It was the classic Don't See Me! move. So I don't see lor.
    I also made sure he saw all the logos I was carrying that day... mwahahahaaaaa... THE bag... mwahahahaaaaa...

    When are we going to do the twin dress nicely + nice bag mwahaha act then? lol

  4. Hanny: Thanks babe. Girl power! Hehe.

  5. nasib baik you maintain vogue and not walk towards him and flag that bag around... :P
    very chic bangga saya and the anti-pips! *tepuk tangan*

  6. Roy: Tenkiu, tenkiu! I really maintain my vogue all through lunch time... you would have been so proud of me if you were there!