Friday, November 12, 2010

Connor's one-track mind

We got this tee for Connor from Asda on one of our trips back to UK to see my in-laws. It was very cheap, something like 3 quid for a 2-pack of tees.

Connor loves this tee. Until recently, I had absolutely no idea why. I always thought because it looked cheerful and cheeky.

But the other day, I found out the REAL reason why Connor loves the tee. He'd had his bath and I was dressing him in clean clothes. He grinned when he saw me pick this tee and I assumed he was copying the expression on the tee. He even clapped a little as I pulled the tee over his head.

Then it happened. Connor glanced down at his tee, patted his chest proudly where the eyes were and beamed. "Nen-nen!"

Note: Nen-nen is Chinese babytalk for breastmilk/boobies.


  1. Ah and that's when you know you have a son for sure!

  2. PB, Shortcake: It reminded of that ep in Friends where Joey fell asleep at the beach and the others covered him up in sand and sculpted sand breasts onto him. When Joey woke up, he looked down, saw them, grinned and patted them.