Saturday, November 13, 2010

Toddler Activities in Kuala Lumpur: The pet store!

One of our favourite activities is to visit the pet store. It's free, it's fun and Connor gets to see animals for real instead of just in the book.

If we're in Great Eastern Mall for the weekend, we always drop by the pet store. It's at Lower Ground, next to the escalator and DIY store. Dear Hubby will go gawk at the marine aquariums while we wander off to look at the animals.

This store has hamsters, lizards, rabbits and an assortment of birds. The African grey parrot scared Connor out of his skin when we went once and it let out a loud squawk just as Connor came closer to have a look. The plus side is that from then on, Connor could identify parrots in every book he had and squawk just like one too.

They also have cats and dogs. Connor loves them. Dear Hubby gets all enthusiastic talking about how great kids and dogs are together. I think so too... provided I'm not the one having to clean up the dog's mess along with the kid's mess. As I'm the one who's always at home and Dear Hubby's at work, that doesn't seem too likely so dogs are out of the question.

A fun activity for kids doesn't always have to be expensive. With some imagination and enthusiasm, even a visit to the pet shop can be lots of fun and a great way to occupy little boys on rainy days.

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