Thursday, November 4, 2010

I miss you, Daddy

Dear Hubby left for Jakarta on Tuesday for work. Connor's a little puzzled why Daddy hasn't been in to play with him in the pool and to give him his good night kiss but he's not all worked up about it because I, the main caregiver, am here.

But last night, Connor suddenly insisted he wanted to go out. At night. I asked, "Connor, why do you want to go out? It's all dark outside!" "Out," he insisted. "OUT." He was so insistent we had to go out that he'd already put on his shoes, picked up his new favourite balloon and was unlocking our front door.

I decided to humour him. So we went out. In the lift, Connor held onto his balloon tightly and had a very determined expression on his face. We got out at lobby and I started guiding him to the clubhouse. To my surprise, he didn't want to go there as he normally does. Still looking very determined, he pulled me in the direction of the squash courts. I couldn't imagine why he wanted to go there because that's not where the pool and kiddie's playground is.

The reason became clear once we got closer. Connor started repeating, "My daddy, my daddy, my daddy..." Over and over again, he said that as he pulled me to the squash courts and I realised that Connor had decided that Daddy must be playing squash since he's not at home and Connor had come looking for him. He was extremely disappointed to see the courts were all dark and no one was there.

I said, "Connor, Daddy's at work but he'll come home soon. Okay?" What's a little boy to do but trust that Mummy's right?

I thought it was so sweet he went looking for his father and so did Dear Hubby.

We miss you, Daddy. See you soon.

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