Thursday, November 4, 2010

There is a reason for dress codes

I was reading this article about dress codes and boy, I fully agree.

About 2 weekends ago, our little family packed up and drove home to Mummy's hometown for my cousin's wedding. It's really cool now to see my generation - my cousins and hopefully my own brothers - start getting hitched. The wedding was in a nice restaurant in our little town and everyone was there. I remembered when I was little and my uncles and aunts were getting married. My grandparents would be there, carrying the littlest cousins around and showing them off to relatives. That day I sat there and watched my mother do exactly the same thing with our son.

I'd forgotten my glasses so I couldn't see more than 2ft from where I was sitting. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because most of what I saw was so erm... weird... that I felt like dashing out to the car (which was parked quite a walk away) just to get my glasses so that I can verify that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

It's a WEDDING. Come on. Don't wear jeans. Don't wear miniskirts. Don't wear black-black clothes because my uncle is terribly pantang and would freak out. It wasn't just the guests who were guilty. The emcee from restaurant was wearing a long cardigan that just skimmed her bottom and fishnet stockings. People were wearing things like tights and long tunics. It was an afternoon wedding so no need to don the ball gowns but at least put on a decent dress. Dear Hubby said it was Hickstown Fashion Week.

I think the winner has to be the young lass who was wearing a lovely short cream lacey number... with black underwear for all to see. WAH. *covers Connor's eyes with my hands*

Seriously people. Get a clue.

Note: A small-town Chinese wedding (reception to you Westerners) is usually an 8-course banquet with VERY loud karaoke (guests are encouraged to get up and sing) and a very loud, bubbly hostess provided by the restaurant who will babble on and on saying properous things for the newlyweds. The wedding toast is very simple - lift your glass and yell YAMSENG! at the top of your voice. If you are puzzled, don't worry. My English husband still is... after 5 years of being part of a Chinese family.


  1. My mommy and daddy said they saw you!!! Dunno if they met you but they saw you :D

  2. PB: Alamak. How embarrassing. I cannot see! I knew I should have yelled for Colin to stop before he drove off to park, I was squinting away. Dared not simply wave to ppl in case I was waving to the wrong person!