Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mummy's Bright Idea: Gallon Zipper Bags

I have not met a child who doesn't like chicken fingers. Even the hubby can't resist it at his ripe old age.

Chances are if you're a mum of a toddler, chicken fingers rank quite high on your child's food wish list and you're making quite a lot of it. I know I am. What I hate about it is the step where you dunk your chicken into flour, shake it off, dip it into egg, shake that off and then into the crumbly coating. That always takes me a LONG time because I *have* to have the entire chicken piece coated with flour evenly, the egg can't drip and the crumbly coating has to be just right... plus the forks I use for each step can't mix... yadda, yadda, yadda....

So even though I knew Connor loved chicken fingers, I didn't make them often because it was just so tedious. I don't exactly make a few fingers at a time either, I make a big batch because that's the whole family's dinner. Connor has his with chips and we have ours with a salad.

Then I had a bright idea yesterday. Why don't I use those gallon zipper bags instead? So this is what I did:
1. Put chicken into gallon zipper bag.
2. Put in flour
3. Massage chicken and flour in the bag, shake it about a little.

Ta-dah! All evenly coated!

Next was figuring out how to get the excess flour off. I used a sieve. Just dumped everything out into a sieve and guess what? The excess flour went through the sieve while the chicken stayed on top.

Floured chicken went into a bowl of beaten egg to be coated then back into a 2nd gallon zipper bag with the crumbly coating. Another shake and massage and all my chicken pieces were beautifully coated. Off into the frying pan!

Brilliant. A delicious dinner was ready in no time at all and Connor ate everything that was put in front of him and burped after.

I can't believe it took me this long to figure out this time-saving step!

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