Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happiness is... a sleeping 2yo boy

I've always had probs getting Connor to sleep. Part of it was my doing as he was used to being breastfed to sleep. He still needs it now and I have no idea how to stop it.

This morning, I was debating whether I should haul him into the shower, put him down for his morning nap and then do the chores later or the other way round. I peeked at him and saw he was shrieking and leaping off his cot (we'd moved it to the lowest level and removed one side of the cot to make it more like a daybed) and onto the bean bag on the floor. He was having a whale of a time. So I decided I should shower first. I cannot do chores without showering and while in pj's, I can't explain it.

Once showered and dressed in proper clothes, I sneaked another peek into his room. He'd emptied his box of toys all over the floor and was chasing a tennis ball everywhere. Ok.... let's get the chores done quickly while he's still a happy bunny. His shower time can wait till he's whiny.

So I dashed around picking things up, gettting the laundry done and the pots cleaned. By the time I'd wiped down the counters, I realised it was quiet in the house. Very quiet.

I tiptoed to his room. Where's my son?

Connor was stretched out on the beanbag fast asleep, with an arm around his stuffed Lamby. It was the sweetest scene a mother could ever hope for. I wish I could have taken a picture but the sound of the camera clicking would have woken him up.

Bliss. Wish it happens everyday.


  1. Hi there, stumbled across your blog while i was googling baby activities in jakarta. My boy is currently 6 months old and like Connor needs to bf to sleep! Have u been bf-ing all 2 years?

    Preston is able to fall asleep when we are out without bf-ing but never at home. Cant imagine needing to bf him for so long. How do you cope?

  2. Hi Sass! Yes Connor has been bf-ing since birth but the bf now is more like a snack instead of his main source of milk. I have the exact same prob as you. C can fall asleep without bf while we're out or if Daddy is babysitting but never while I'm there. I have no idea how to stop this. My friend had the same with her eldest, he stopped by himself when approaching 3. As I'm not working, I can cope fine but if you're a working mum, I strongly suggest you find another way for him to fall asleep while he's still too little to stand up in the cot. If he can't stand up yet, chances are he'll howl himself to sleep because he's lying down. If he can stand up (Connor was standing by 6mth++), he'll just keep howling. Good luck, let me know if you succeed because I'd love to have some tips!

  3. Unfortunately for me P sleeps in our bed! He was born in winter so he hated the cold sheets and only way he could sleep was between us! another horrible habit. He wasn't an easy baby, used to cry a lot so for our sanity we had to give in.I'm a SAHM so it's been bearable so far. Can't imagine when he's older

    Wish I had met u before u left Jakarta. I'm a malaysian who met hubs in aus and got duped into coming back to jkt so that he would run the family business. So typically Chinese!

  4. Hi Sass, I know some Msians who are living in Jakarta. They're mums too and I'm sure they would love to get to know you. If you could send me a comment with your private email (I won't publish it), I will send you their contacts.
    I'm kinda stuck too as C loves to climb into our bed midway through the night. We love him to bits but sometimes we just want our bed back. LOL