Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup: Malaysia are CHAMPS!

We won, we won!!!

When was the last time a Malaysian football team won anything at senior level? I can't remember. When was the last time I watched Malaysian football and cheered and cheered? When I was 17, it was the night before my Biology paper but Johor was playing in the Malaysia Cup final and I ditched the books to cheer my home team on. Ervin Boban, Alastair Edwards, Abbas Saad... remember those names? We won 3-1 and I passed the paper.

What a match. The Indonesian team won 2-1 in the 2nd leg of the final but Malaysia ended up tops with an aggregate score of 4-2. I missed most of 2nd half no thanks to Connor so I can only comment on the 1st half. That's some goalkeeper we've got. He put in a fantastic performance tonight. I thought he was brilliant helped on by a stout defence. One of our centerbacks is only 19 so that's good news because he can only get better and there are many more years ahead of him.

Top marks to the Indonesian crowd who stayed till the end to cheer their dejected team at the prize-giving ceremony. They also clapped on the Malaysian team when they went up to receive their medals and trophy. Now that is CLASS. Take a lesson from that, you laser-pointing dimwit.

What a coach. In Raja We Trust indeed. What a team. Disciplined, fit and young. What a night.

Hear that?

That is the sound of a Harimau's roar in the night.

This team of Tigers is burning bright.

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