Friday, December 24, 2010

Connor and our tree

Our Ah Boy with our tree. He doesn't quite understand Christmas, tree and presents yet. He probably thinks it's birthday time again and birthdays are something he does understand because of the Happy Birthday song.

He loves the tree though. He'll shout, "Eees-mus tree! Light!" and that means I have to put the lights on. Even if it is 9am and we're eating breakfast. One is his favourite games is "golf" ie he'll take his toy plastic driver and whack the living daylights out of anything resembling a ball. Lately he's been going up to the tree, driver in hands and eyeing all our lovely baubles. So far, nothing has happened yet but I'm keeping a close eye on him AND we have two spare packs of baubles just in case.

He's got one big present and a bunch of smaller ones to tear into on Christmas Day. Dear Hubby says we'll buy him a lot more presents next year when he can understand more. And here I am thinking I've overdone the presents bit because I grew up with the one person-one present concept. Mummy has 2 presents waiting for her under the tree (I think) and Daddy has 2 as well.

Can't wait... Christmas is almost here!

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