Monday, December 27, 2010

How our Christmas 2010 went

We three must have been very, very good this year because we got simply fabulous presents from Santa come Christmas Day.

This is Connor with his main present from us - a Take Along Thomas playset that Mummy snagged on sale from Think Toys in Gardens, Mid Valley. He is absolutely fascinated with the crane that's part of the set and currently only plays with that bit.

He got a bunch of other stuff too - a talking clock from my bro-in-law, assorted trains to go with the playset above and a tractor that he'd wanted from the toy store.

This is Mummy's present from Daddy! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Dear Hubby had cleverly asked me to open the smaller box first. I couldn't imagine what they were, thought maybe the smaller box had jewellery but I knew Dear Hubby would never buy trinkets for me without my standing by vetting everything. When I tore open the wrapper and saw it was for an iPad connection kit, I knew instantly the larger box must contain an iPad. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

At the rate we're playing with it, I think we're going to de-sensitise the touchpad very, very soon. I've just downloaded this hilarious app called Talking Tom Cat (I think?) which features a cat that will purr when you stroke it and fall down after you've poked it in the eye one time too many. The funniest bit is it will repeat whatever you say and Connor's been trying to figure that bit out.

Dear Hubby had quietly ordered it off the Apple site and had it personalised with the message "For Mummy, Daddy and Connor - Xmas 2010" on the back. Awwww... so shweet...

And I got my Birkin!!!!!

Sort of.....

I haven't got a picture right now of my present to Dear Hubby. It's a hand-made calendar featuring pics of Connor from the day he was born till now. It's a template I got off Smilebox and I spent endless nights working on the calendar. I made calendars for everyone in the family for their Christmas presents and had slightly different pictures for each of them. For example, Dear Hubby's has a month where the main pic is of him and Connor. My in-laws' had one month where I picked the picture of we took of them with Connor when we were last home. I added in holidays and birthdays too.

The reason I made the calendars was that I noticed my mum-in-law hung one in the kitchen and used it to pencil in appointments and birthdays. I thought that I would make them one featuring their littlest grandson since they don't get to see him often and that would be a nice way to remind them of him and help them keep track of appointments etc. Then I decided to make one for Dear Hubby as well as I can never buy him the boys' toys he wants and the only way to top a $50,000 speaker is to make him a gift money can't buy.

Well, those nights I spent slaving over the calendars were worth it. When Dear Hubby tore open his present and saw the first page, his first words were "It's beautiful." He loved it. In fact, he wants the same present next year.

We called my in-laws and wished them a Merry Christmas. Our cards and present had arrived in time despite being posted so late, so well done UK posties! I lupp you! I was so happy when my mum-in-law told me she loved her present, I'm so glad they got it in time. Apparently there was 6" of snow in Liverpool and I wish, wish, wish we were there to see it. Never mind... next year! (and it'd better bloody snow then too)

What a lovely Christmas.

I hope yours was as wonderful as ours was.

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