Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur: We got Connor's Christmas present at Think Toys

... at 50% off!!! We got the set from Think Toys in The Gardens Mid-Valley. They're having a 50% deal on certain ranges of Thomas toys and we picked up this set at RM99. What a deal because the much tinier Knapford Station set we bought cost me RM80++.

Woohoo. It's a Toby Main Line Set from the Take Along Thomas range. Toby isn't one of those hot characters from Thomas the Tank Engine series because he's kinda fuddy-duddy and awfully slow. When you're a kid who likes engines, you wanna be the biggest, baddest, fastest engine right!

But the set itself is quite cool. It's got a drawbridge with lights and sounds, a cargo crane and a crossing. The main point is that we already own the Knapford Station set from the same range that will connect to this set and we also have Thomas and a talking James.

I can't wait to see my little boy's face come Christmas morning when he gets to open this present.

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