Friday, December 10, 2010

My latest lust-have: Riding Boots

Someone please tell me why I need riding boots when I live in a climate that is 30C and above all year round and everyone around me is wearing flip-flops.

But I must have them. I *lust* have them. Sigh....

I have only one chance a year to wear them and that is when we make our annual trip back to the UK. So that's about 2-3 weeks a year out of 52. Does that justify the cost of buying a pair of good quality riding boots?

Heart says YES, YES, YES!

I'll take a look-see around the next time we're back in UK and ask my heart and head the question again. If anyone's got any recommendations on brands/shops, I'm all ears!


  1. Ans: Yes. Thats because I own them. Not riding boots but knee high boots. Yes I'm as mad as you are :P They are perfect for winter (so i can justify autumn/winter holidays). In the UK and if you want something not as expensive (due to cost per wear) look in Clarks. They are decent quality and might be on sale depending on time of year. I got mine in Bicester Village for GBP30 but then I got very very lucky :P In store they were going for about GBP70-100 depending on cut and make. I believe Clarks here does them too now but I'm not sure of prices. Oh and make sure you do leather, not pleather :P Does Mr. TM hate me yet? :P

  2. PB: I knew it! I knew it had to be you. LOL I took a look at Clark's website, had some nice ones. A blog reco-ed a site called Duo but they were expensive, not sure I want to pay so much for 2 weeks' worth of wear per annum.
    Leather for sure! Mr TM knows you are a bad bad girl but you are forgiven. Hehe.