Thursday, December 9, 2010

Connor can count!

We've discovered that Connor can count. Or at least he can recognise numbers. Recognising numbers is not the same as understanding that "8" stands for 8 pieces of clothing or 8 peas. As of now, I'm not sure what it is that Connor understands.

I count for him quite regularly. I usually count the steps as we're headed to the car park or the pool. Or I'll count the number of toy cars he has. Sometimes I'll count the peas in his pasta for him. Or I'll read out the numbers as we're waiting for the lift. My method of teaching tends to involve real-world experiences, I don't really sit him down in front of a book/flash cards and then say "Okay.. today's number is ONE!"

One day, as I was locking our front door and Connor was waiting for me in the lift lobby, I heard my son's voice go, "... tree.. (pause)... pai, chik... cheben.. aicht, nai... ten!" I'm like "HEY! You can tell numbers!"

While we're quite pleased and proud, this has presented us with a new set of problems. When we're in lifts, Connor will run to the control panel and demonstrate his new knowledge. "Mummy! Pai! Chik! Cheben!" and I'll find my ride up/down in the lift is taking longer and longer because we're stopping at every floor. If the lift has disabled-friendly panels (like the ones in BSC new wing) which are the perfect height for him, alamak. Whole panel lit up like a Christmas tree the last time I used those lifts.

Now to teach him how to count beyond ten....

Note: Connor always pauses after the number 3 when reading out from our apartment lift because he knows 4 comes after 3. However our apartment labels 4th floor as 3A and this is very puzzling to Connor.


  1. Not just to Connor - its the same where I live to and a neighbour told us this whole 3A 12A thing is messing with his daughter's head LOL Glad to hear of his developments though :D Outta curiousity, does he sound gwailo or like... er you :P

  2. I dunno. He can't quite talk yet so have no idea if he sounds gwailo or like me. LOL I suspect he'll sound more like me because I'm the one he hears most of all.

  3. I ter-click your blog and started to addicted to it...
    Em, at first when i saw oh mommy blog i was like, not my business cos im only 24. But when i click on ur label for BABY then I saw tis really handsome little fella... and started to fall in love wit him.. haha His just too adorable... Now Im like your lil connor fan... hahaha

  4. Hi Sue Anne, you have the same name (sounds like anyway!) as a childhood friend of mine! Thanks for your comment, we think he's cute as well but then again we're his parents so we're biased. Hehe.

  5. Hahah u shud start to create a fan page for connor d... I wanna be his first fan... heheh

  6. LOL! I had to say the 'pai...chik' bit out loud before it sank in! :p now just to get him off the 'lighting up lift panels like Christmas tree' bit.. ;)

  7. LOL @ beetrice Yeah we're kinda hoping as well the novelty of numbers will wear off in a bit.