Monday, December 13, 2010

We found our Christmas tree!

All these years with Dear Hubby and we've never bothered with a Christmas tree. We didn't get one last year because we had flown back to KL from Jakarta and were spending it at my bro-in-law's place. He had one so we didn't buy one for our place in Jakarta.

But this year is different. This is our first Christmas together as a family in our own place. So I insisted on getting our very own tree. We spent all week hunting for one, never finding anything we liked. Out of sheer frustration, I texted an old friend for help. "Woi. Where did you get your tree from?"

Her answer amused me. "Chinatown." Well of course. It makes PERFECT sense to get your Christmas tree from Chinatown.

Off we went to Chinatown and yes we did find a tree we liked. It cost us about RM500 for the tree and all the various baubles. They even sold a Christmas light in the shape of a train (RM15 only!) that we bought for Connor's room. Our tree's scheduled to arrive this weekend and I'm so excited. I can't wait to take pics of Connor on Christmas Day sitting by the tree, opening all his presents.

If you would like to check out the shop, it's near Kota Raya. Turn left at the traffic lights just after Nando's and go straight along. The shop is towards your left. They sell Chinese New Year decorations as well so I'll probably be back next year to get some decor again.

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