Thursday, January 20, 2011

Connor at school: He's finally not crying when I leave!

Connor's been to playschool for 2 weeks now. I believe the stimulation is good for him. Since I'm paying that much, I *want* to believe it. Hehe. He comes home extremely happy and has been singing (rather untunefully) all sorts of nursery rhymes more often since he's been there. His speech has also picked up a lot and it's becoming better articulated.

They have an outdoor play session, followed by singing, story-telling and show-n-tell. On Tuesday, Mummy packed a book with a picture of flowers for show-n-tell. Yesterday it was a balloon whisk for a session on Things From Home.

The children are fed lunch and diapers are changed before going home. Connor refused lunch for the first three days he was there. I didn't blame him as it was a new environment and the food probably tasted different from what Mummy serves at home. (Don't think shepherd's pie feature on many playschool menus!) I solved the problem by packing a hard boiled egg in his snack box. Connor loves eggs and will eat almost anything that features eggs. So the teachers at school simply added his egg to their lunch and yep, Connor ate everything. Hehe.

Everything was fine except that he would howl and howl when I left. Teacher called him Drama King because his tears would magically stop when I drove out of sight. Yesterday Connor must have realised that the tears don't stop me from leaving and yes, I do return to pick him up after a few hours. So for the first time, he didn't cry when I left him. I was so proud of him! What a big brave boy he's become!

What I like most about playschool is when I arrive to pick him up. It's just fantastic to see his face light up when he spots me and breaks into little jumps of joy. "My mummy!" he'll call out as he jumps about like a happy bunny. Isn't that great. It makes me feel like I'm the most wonderful person on earth and no matter how shitty I feel, his smile always makes things better.


  1. I love this post! So glad he is adjusting to school. Sometimes I wonder if it was more traumatic for me to leave my little boy the first few times, or for him to see me leave. Hm...definitely more traumatic for me! haha! :)

  2. Andrea, I felt absolutely AWFUL the first few days when I left him. LOL See... we mums are all the same!

  3. Hi there! I'm just cruising the net looking for info on playgroup for my 2 year old cos I am moving from S'pore to KL. Would like to find out if you could share anything on where your little one go (totally clueless here)? He seems to be enjoying himself : ) Thanks!

  4. Hiya, Mummy of Two, sorry for the late reply. I was searching high and low among my posts to look for your reply because I couldn't remember! If you'll drop me your email contact in the comment box (I will not publish private email contacts), I can share some info with you.
    One that comes really highly recommended is My Montessori School in Jln Telawi. Brighton also came with good reco but they only take in from 2.5yo onwards.