Monday, January 10, 2011

What... 1st week of 2011 is over?

Whew. Just like that and it's gone.

We've had an extremely busy start to the year. First things first - Connor started playschool! School began on Jan 5 for Connor. Mummy was very anxious the night before as I packed and checked his little school bag over and over again (contents: one spare diaper, one spare set of clothes, snack box, wipes). It so happened Dear Hubby was on leave that day so he got to wave bye-bye to Connor.

Considering he's only 26 months old, he did pretty well. He howled the place down when I left but that was to be expected. As it was his first day away from me, he sniffled and snuffled periodically and Teacher decided that we would ease him into the routine until he got used to not seeing me from 9am - 12 noon. He did much better on Day 2 and actually ignored me when I came to pick him up, choosing to climb up the slide one more time.

Today is Day 4 at school. While he still cries when I leave, he settles very quickly... like 5 minutes quickly, so I'm suspecting his tears are just to make me feel guilty. We'll see how things go for 6 months, I think he's enjoying it though (I hope, I hope!) and it's certainly providing more stimulation than I can at home.

Another reason why I've been quiet on the blog front is because we've had visitors from the UK. They escaped the freeze of Scotland only to find that the sun is pretty elusive in KL too. We've not had very sunny weather last week and they were a bit bummed as they were hoping to sunbathe.

I always enjoy hosting foreign visitors. It's fun to see my city and my country through their eyes. I love their reactions, positive or otherwise, to the various local foods we introduce them to because it's so interesting to see how different cultures really do breed different taste buds. How else you explain why my gwailo Dear Hubby will not come near the divine bah kut teh while I hate the taste of key lime pie?

They've done the touristy bits - the Twin Towers, Petaling Street, Batu Caves, KLCC Aquaria and various shopping malls. They're off to Phuket for a week before heading to Singapore for a quick look, then back to KL for a few days to rest and home again to bonny Scotland.

So that was our 1st week. How was yours?


  1. Dear Mrs Top Monkey,

    A happy new year to you! I have been your silent reader for the past year, and I would like to say that I enjoy reading your posts tremendously - so much so that pictures doesn't really matter, since the writing's really good (and almost always, with light hearted humour)! Looking forward to your next post!! =) And oh, Connor's so adorable!!!

    A Malaysian in Singapore

  2. Hello there! Happy New Year to you too, sorry this reply is so late but I've been busy with my guests and haven't had time to update the blog. Thank you for your kind words, glad to know you're having fun reading my thoughts... always nice to know I'm making someone smile.