Monday, January 3, 2011

Connor and our iPad

This iPad is the best present ever. I downloaded a bunch of toddler flashcards and games for Connor and it kept him occupied in the fitting rooms when Mummy was busy trying on clothes at the Zara sale. Now is that a GREAT toy or what!

The controls are so intuitive that our 2yo had no problem figuring things out. What's so difficult eh.. if you want something, you poke it. If you want another page, you "flick" it. There's only one button for him to press. So far the flashcards have been a hit especially the one featuring vehicles.

However it's gotten him confused with our conventional PCs. It is quite funny to see him desperately poking the screen of the laptop and/or home PC and squealing in frustration because nothing is working. Yesterday Dear Hubby was laughing away in the study while Connor was howling with anger. Apparently Connor was trying to watch a Thomas video and had been poking the screen with increasing frustration while Dear Hubby just laughed his eyes out beside him. Yes we are bad parents but it was so funny.


  1. My 3 year old boy loves the ipad too. He's autistic so we downloaded several apps that help him tremendously. He's learned so many new words. It's the best!

    Love the story about the Thomas video and poking the screen. Too funny!

  2. Hi Andrea, it's great when we find a "toy" that helps our little ones. Could you share what apps you've found useful?

  3. Sure! He really enjoys one called Alphabet World. This is his favorite because they have songs about some the letters. 'My First Words' by Smart Baby is also a good one. Sometimes Joseph just says words that he's learned and I'm so surprised. The other day my sister brought pictures of her trip to Peru. He actually pointed out Machu Picchu to us because he learned it in one the apps! I was so amazed. I hope Connor will like these apps too. :)

  4. Andrea: Agree on My First Words! We have that and Connor absolutely loves it. Don't have Alphabet World so will check on that. I'm well impressed Joseph knows Machu Picchu at his age. I never knew about that one till I was probably... erm... 16? Haha.

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