Monday, February 21, 2011

Funny Website for Parents: Sh*t My Kids Ruined

All parents will feel for the contributors to Sh*t My Kids Ruined. It's one of my favourite sites.

This post on that site is specially for the make-up fan in my life... see, this is why you should never have kids, PB! Connor's very interested in my make-up as well... as in he loves to squeeze the tubes of cream and stick his fingers into my eyeshadows. Or he'll pick up my make-up brush, dip it into any pot of powder he can find and solemnly dust his own face while saying, "Mummy do! Mummy do!" Funny how he always picks the Lancome tubes and the YSL eyeshadows to play with and refuses the cheaper Nivea and Neutrogena stuff. What can I say - good taste runs in the family.

I haven't yet contributed to the site. We should have when Connor broke our glass blender but we were so worried he was going to step on one of the big chunks of glass that we forgot to take a picture. I felt that was my fault though. I'd made him a Playdough banana and he was just trying to make himself a banana milkshake, just like the ones Mummy makes him.

Behind all these posts, you can sense a perverse pride the parents have in their children. "See how bright Junior is to have done this, I never would have thought of it!"

Check it out, enjoy the posts and be glad they're not your kids.


  1. LOL!! You know my first thought when I saw that pic? Hey! I have mosaic floors just like that at home! hehe... thanks I had good fun reading it (and being glad I don't have kids :P )

  2. PB, I couldn't figure out what the pic was about at first. Then.. "ALAMAK!!!!!" and I thought, "Boy, if PB had kids and they did this to her stash of make-up, she's going to be really pissed." Bummer cleaning all that off the mosaic, think the grouting will be stained for a long time!