Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Lose Weight: All Fall Ill... Together!

Last Friday, Dear Hubby had a long overdue knee operation on his right knee. He's now on crutches and will be using them for the next 5 weeks or so. He spent all of last week at home recuperating. While he did need help taking shoes and clothes off, he proved remarkably tough and actually pulled a morning shift with Connor alone while I got some needed rest. It's hard enough trying to watch over a 2yo let alone while you're hobbling around on crutches. Way to go, Daddy!

I've had very little free time since his op because Dear Hubby needs to undergo physiotherapy daily. So I've been playing chauffeur, cook, nurse, wife and mummy and it's been tiring.

On the same day that Dear Hubby had his op, Connor came down with a fever. He stayed cranky all weekend and only wanted Mummy. No one else could soothe our grouchy little boy. Fortunately he's recovered and has been his usual boisterous self again.

My parents chose to visit us that weekend and my mother was a little upset when her one and only grandson refused to let her comfort him. I explained Connor only ever wanted me when he's sick and he'll soon want Por-por to cuddle him when he's all right again but I think my mum was still upset. It was a good thing he recovered while they were still here and the moment he did, he sort of "woke up" and held his arms out to my parents. To say they were delighted (after being ignored all weekend by the heart of their hearts) is Understatement of the Year.

So what happened to Mummy? After a week of having to deal with hobbling hubby, grouchy Connor and upset parents.... it was my turn to fall ill! LOL

This explains the silence on the blogfront. But I'm here still and I'm back.


  1. Your kids is soo cute. If you'd like to put him in advertisements please send us his details and pictures to we have a job on hand, that suits him.

  2. It always happens like that, doesn't it? Mommy is always the last one to get sick. I hope you feel better soon. :D

  3. Anonymous: Hi... actually we're going for a 2nd round casting today for a TVC. I'm not sure if it's the same as your project. Perhaps you could share some details? I won't publish your comment if you indicate so.

    Andrea: Am better already, thank you! :) I got killer cheekbones when I was sick. All sharp and angular like a catwalk model's. LOL I'm glad I recovered quickly because Dear Hubby was certainly in no condition to do too much.