Thursday, March 10, 2011

The results from Kwik Cut, Ikano

Connor post-haircut in our bedroom of our KL apartment, Mar 2011.

Was that RM13 well spent or what. Look at how cute they made Connor look!

I think the stylist did a great job considering Connor was screaming and fighting it all the way. I'll try and trim it constantly now so that he won't need a hair cut quite so soon. I can't figure out why Connor's hair grows like lalang, it just grows and grows.

I forgot to mention that Kwik Cut actually has one of those ride-on cars (you plonk in RM1 worth of coins for one ride) so that kids can find the haircut experience more pleasant. It didn't work for our Connor but it's nice to know that they took the trouble to have that option.

Just for comparison's sake, A Cut Above charges RM25 for kids' cut, another salon I saw in Hartamas Shopping Centre charges RM30. I've tried A Cut Above before and they didn't do a good a job as Kwik Cut because the stylist was so reluctant to keep going even though I said to go on. Result was his hair was all choppy and uneven.

I think Connor's a little traumatised by the whole incident though. We were back in Ikano a weekend ago and Connor started whining and holding me tighter when Kwik Cut came into sight. My poor baby... but isn't he cute in the new hair style!

Well done, Kwik Cut.


  1. Oh my goodness, he looks so handsome! But he looked handsome when his hair was long too. :)

    Just finished a trim on my own little man. I try to trim it every 4 weeks so it won't be such a big job. The hardest part is always around his ears. Sometimes he lets me do it without any fuss. Sometimes not. This time around it was all good. Yay!

  2. Oh thank you! I prefer my baby with short hair, he looks more boy that way, hehe.
    I'm doing what you do too - trim Connor's hair every few days or so. I only ever manage to trim a bit here and there each time and I think I was over-enthusiastic with his fringe last weekend. Oo-er....
    Yay on happy hair trimming episodes with little boys!