Monday, March 28, 2011

On the road again

Here we go again. It's been a long and complicated story but the end result is that we, the Top Monkey family, will be moving to the UK come June. We'll be staying in Liverpool for a while as my in-laws are there and then probably move to Aberdeen (where the oil and gas centre of UK is) when Dear Hubby has a job confirmed.

Actually this move isn't even 100% confirmed as Dear Hubby is still looking at places like Rio de Janeiro (pray hard for us, PB!) and even staying on here in KL but I find it easier to settle my mind if I tell myself that we are going back to the UK. If I don't, I feel as if I'm in limbo. Too many "what if's" and "maybe's" drive me nuts.

So I'm going back to being an expat. I quite enjoy being a stranger in a strange land but I tell you what - I'm going to SO miss my nasi lemak, my dim sum, my roti canai, my nasi kandar - all the lovely things that make me think of home. I love my pork pies and sausage rolls too but they're not home comforts for me. Yes, yes I know... these bloody migrants who have no idea of British ways... *puts hand up*... me!

What I will not miss are stupid Malaysian drivers who double-park everywhere and can't drive for toffee. I won't miss the increasingly silly political scene here in my home. I won't miss dodging potholes and motorbikes.

I am looking forward to shopping in Asda (so sad, I know...), dressing in layers and being able to wear knee-high boots without looking like an idiot. We have lots of friends in Aberdeen so I won't exactly be all by my lonesome self if we do settle there and that's a comforting thought. I am also looking forward to low humidity and zero sweating... bye-bye frizzy hair, yay!

If anyone's got tips on how to survive Scottish weather, I'm all ears. Or eyes... seeing as you'll be typing and I'll be reading them. It's no use asking Dear Hubby things like "What sort of coat do I need for spring?" as he's an extremely toasty sort of person and has little use for coats and jumpers the moment winter is over.

Now excuse me while I browse the wonder that is and prepare to bust the credit card... again.


  1. Hv just found your blog by chance and found it very interesting. Good luck with your pending move to the UK. Found your article on preschools to be a true reflection of how I feel about kindies / Pre schools here (I'm a local married to an expat too, who has gone thru the Local system way back then!). Would appreciate if you could adv where your little one, Connor goes for nursery, as your thoughts sound pretty much like mine (my daughter is 2 years 4 months so they're quite near in age)
    P/s - his latest hair makes him look oh so adorable!

  2. Good luck to you and your family on your move. And happy shopping! :D

  3. Hello Anon Mum! Sorry.. I didn't know how else to address you. :) If you would drop me your email add (I won't publish it), we can talk further about kindies in KL. I prefer not to publicise where Connor goes to school in case of some crazy nutjob who decides to go wait for my son outside the school.

    Hi Andrea, thank you! I'm kinda excited, always nice to have an adventure.

  4. Hi,

    Just found your blog and it has been very informative. My husband and I and our 13 mth old are moving from Aberdeen to KL next month and were looking for info on mum's and baby groups for our wee one. Do you know if there are any near the Prince hotel as that is where we will be living for the next 2 years.

    Hope you enjoy your time in Aberdeen if you get here. We have lived here 8 years and really enjoyed it. The locals are not always the friendliest and take a while to warm to non nationals but as it's so international you should meet lots of other people to compensate. I am Irish and my husband is Australian and we have mostly friends from England, Oz, New Zealand, South Africa etc.. Enjoy the weather and cool Scottish breeze.I will miss the season changes the most.

  5. Hello Mrs Top Monkey, I stumbled on your blog whilst googling for rental baby items in KL. Well, i am malaysian living in Aberdeen. Spring in Aberdeen is great... essentially just a light jacket or cardigan for the most of times... it is also however dependent on how 'cool' or 'warm' you usually are... Good luck with your move and who knows, we can maybe meet up in Aberdeen some time!! Let me know if you need more info....