Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trading Stocks

When we were last in UK for a holiday, we met up with some of Dear Hubby's old University mates. Talk got around to financial matters and two of them said that they'd been doing penny stocks. It's basically stocks which cost, well, pennies! I wasn't listening much until one of them said that he invested about 200 quid in one stock and when it went up, he pocketed a cool 3,000 quid in profits. Boy. 3,000 quid. That could buy me quite a few Chanel bags. Sorry. Maybe 1 1/2 Chanel bags. It was something I thought I should look at, thinking once I packed Connor off to school I would have time to investigate further. I could imagine myself clicking away on stocks, tracking their movements and then pocketing the profits. What could be easier right! Unfortunately, I haven't the slightest idea where to start. I guess maybe I should start by looking for a broker? I saw this site called where you can sign up for a discount broker for your online stock investing who doesn't charge the full fees a traditional broker will. I'll take a look into that. The idea of turning 200 quid into 3,000 quid is very tempting. Hehe.

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