Wednesday, August 17, 2011

East vs West: John's wife

See, I can't get John out of my head because it's the Seventh Month. I'm sure I'll forget him once the Eighth Month comes along and I'm all ready to buy lanterns for Connor to play with during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This time, the joke's on the local Marketing team.

John had asked his wife to visit him at work so that we could all meet the family. Upon learning his wife is Austrian, the Marketing team immediately crowded around her and exclaimed excitedly "Oh wow! You are Austrian! You must like the Sound of Music!"

Turns out she'd never heard of the film, much less seen it. Cue gasps of horror from the Malaysians as almost all of us had been brought up on the Sound of Music film and soundtrack. "WHAT??? You mean you don't know it? You know... Maria? Captain von Trapp? The hills are aliiiiive...?" No. No. No.

John had to explain to his disappointed team that the Sound of Music is an American film, not an Austrian film and that Austrians generally do not make clothing out of curtain scraps or sing songs while dancing about on hills.

Boy. What a crushing blow that was.

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