Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eye Candy: LFC Trip to Malaysia, July 2011

Eh. Silly ol' me has just figured out how to compress pics on our new machine. *face palm* Here are some pics (belatedly!) that we took at the StanChart Fanzone in Pavilion KL back in July when my beloved LFC made a trip here.

Us under the banner featuring my favourite player of all time.

I dunno which bright spark decided to make the Bukit Bintang entrance of Pavilion into a local Shankly Gates but you sir/madam deserve a medal! It was a huge hit with us local fans.

The "This is Anfield" sign is displayed in the tunnel leading to the pitch. As an LFC player, you're supposed to touch the sign as you're heading to the pitch. I remember risking falling headfirst into the tunnel trying to touch the sign when I did the Anfield stadium tour back in 2006. The organisers knew which fan buttons to press all right, you could see people leaping up to try and touch the sign. Wish they'd put it a little lower though!

My son imprinted with a (temporary) Liverbird tattoo. Being under 3yo, he didn't quite grasp the significance of it all, complaining to me, "Mummy... cold-cold!" as the guy patiently stencilled the tattoo on.

Connor munching away on his rice crackers in the dressing room replica. I made him pose under Reina's jersey as we have one of Dear Hubby posing under the same jersey in the Anfield dressing room.

I sincerely hope that Connor's head would have grown bigger by the time he suits up in the Red of our team and steps out onto the pitch.

Me and the greatest achievement of my life. 34 years in the making and worth it all.

Entrance to the Fanzone. This shot was taken approximately 11am when we arrived. It was COMPLETELY packed long before the players turned up around 3:30pm.

Now that I've figured out how to do the piccie compress thingybob, I guess I'll be able to start posting pictures again!

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