Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Phuket Holiday, May 2011

Back in May when we honestly thought we would be moving to Aberdeen, we thought we'd enjoy the sun while we still could and booked ourselves a holiday in Phuket. We stayed at Amari Coral Beach Resort, our fave! They're near Patong Beach but tucked away on a hillside a 15min walk away from the madness of Bangla Rd.

WARNING: Got many, many, many peek-chure coming.

This is our block. To the right of the pathway are Thai women offering massages, pedicures and manicures under the palm trees. A pedi cost me only RM20 and it was fantastic enjoying it out in the open with the sound of waves.

The pool where we spent many happy mornings tiring Connor out. This is one of the 2 pools in the whole resort.

We couldn't get the rooms we wanted when we booked and Dear Hubby called up to enquire. Upon learning we were repeat and loyal guests, the hotel immediately upgraded us at no extra charge. This lovely platter was on hand to greet us when we arrived. Dear Malaysian hoteliers, this is how you do customer service. Are we ever going back to Amari? You bet we are.

Connor on the plane. He was SO excited at the airport. When we boarded, he sat in his seat and asked me to belt him up. When that was done, he said in his loud toddler voice, "Ready... 1, 2,3... GO!!!"

EEK! Mummy and Baby almost washed away by the waves.

We bought the dump truck at a local supermarket and Connor spent his morning filling it with sludgy sand, emptying it and then refilling it. Very satisfying.

Us at the pier. I have a pic of me, taken in the same corner of the pier back in 2006 or so. Dear Hubby asked me to pose there again, this time with Connor just for comparison's sake.

View of the pier.

Connor trying out the jet ski.

What's a holiday without chocolate ice-cream?

Taking a walk on the beach at low tide. Connor was fascinated to see the little fishes swimming in the pools of water.

What a great holiday we had.


  1. Hi there. I've been reading your blog for some time now but have not commented before. This time I HAVE to come out from the shadows though, coz I simply must say that your son is such a cutie-pie!

  2. Aw thanks.... *muah!* I think all kids are cute though!

  3. Amari looks lovely...and that's one messy chocolate ice cream eater! :D Connor seems to be getting cuter by the day...can I pinch his cheeks? kekeke...

  4. beetrice: Rooms are pretty basic but we're there for the wonderful breakfast buffet, the views and the private beach. We also had a eat-all-you-can seafood buffet one night, cost us 1000THB each. I ate all the salmon, crabs, lobsters and oysters I could. Definitely got my money's worth.
    Kiss him la, don't la pinch... I'm sure he'll remember it for life! ;)

  5. Your kid is very cute and lovely.
    Thank you for posting.
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