Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I got my boobies back!

At long last, my boobies are free!

Connor is 2 years and 9 months old and I have finally managed to wean him off the boobsters. He's actually only been having breast milk just before sleep at night and that only for a few minutes. I knew it was more to comfort him than to nourish him. I had started cutting down gradually on the feed frequency and time from 1 1/2 onwards and he didn't miss it much as he was fully on solids by then and there were more exciting things to do than to breastfeed.

But he still turned to the boobs for comfort and no matter what distraction I tried, he wouldn't settle till he had some boobie before bedtime.

This was before Monkey came along.

Monkey was actually Dear Hubby's present for Father's Day this year. I spied him in a store in the UK and he matched the monkey-themed card I'd gotten Dear Hubby. So on Father's Day, I put card and monkey in our Little Monkey's hands and told him to give it to Top Monkey. The card was handed over but Connor clutched Monkey tightly and refused to let him go.

Since then, Monkey has been his bedtime snuggle toy and I snatched the opportunity to stop the breast feeding once and for all. One night, I gently refused him and told him he was a big boy now and Monkey is too, and look Monkey doesn't need nen-nen. And whaddaya know? It worked!

So it comes to an end. 2 years and 9 months of breastfeeding. It's a little sad because it's like my baby's grown up now and doesn't need me that way anymore. Breastfeeding had been our fail proof method of calming him no matter where we were. Breastfeeding was the reason why we never had problems with him travelling - hey if it's good enough for him at sea level, it's good enough for him at 36,000 ft. It was the reason why he was very rarely ill as a baby. I breast fed him for this long because I could, I had the luxury of being a stay-at-home mum with help on hand and I enjoyed it, I loved knowing that he felt safe and calm with me and that I was giving him the best that I could.

But I sure am glad to have all of my body back to myself at last. (Dear Hubby: Ahah! We'll see about that!)

P/s Thank you Monkey!

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