Sunday, August 14, 2011

The one thing parenting books never told me

Always have socks in your handbag. Here's why.

Connor is a very active boy and I take him to various kids' play gyms regularly so that he has an outlet to release all his toddler energy. I take him to the outdoor playground too but sometimes it's just not feasible due to the weather.

Most play gyms require the child and accompanying adult to wear socks at all times in their premises. One day, I promised Connor a trip to one. We were there and all ready to go in when I realised that we didn't have any socks. I'd forgotten to bring them as we were both wearing sandals that day.

If you've ever tried explaining "not now", "later" and "another time" to a toddler, you will know what I had to face that day. He howled the place down. For the life of me, I can't imagine why the play gyms don't sell socks on the side. Or have disposable socks for bad Mummies like me who have forgotten their own.

Since then, I have never gone out without a spare pair of socks for us two.

Bet you never thought being a good Mummy meant always having spare socks!

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