Monday, August 15, 2011

Cutie at the pool

Our neighbour's in-laws had flown in for a holiday and I happened to meet them at the pool the other day. I've met the mum-in-law before on several occasions and so I said hello to her.

But who's that hottie with her?

It's my neighbour's young brother-in-law. He was a Taylor Lautner lookalike (I'm on Team Jacob for sure even though I didn't watch Twilight) wearing nothing but board shorts and dripping wet from the pool. Ooh la la.

These are times when I am grateful I am older and wiser (and married!) otherwise I would have done something silly like blush and trip and fall into the pool.

Aisayman.... He is SO cute though! Sorry I didn't take a pic, was too busy checking out his abs. I try to take pic next time ok.

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