Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Makcik Nasi Lemak: The art of good salesmanship

There is a Makcik who sits under a colourful umbrella along Lorong Maarof, selling nasi lemak and karipap.  I have been her loyal customer for about half a year now and often stop by to pick up a pack of nasi lemak after I've dropped Connor off at school.

Today as I was buying my usual, she recommended I try her new item, the mihun goreng.  I'm a BIG fan of mihun goreng and snapped up the last pack without hesitation.  As she packed my food, she asked if my holidays were over.  I said "Oh I don't work.  I'm here again because my son's school holidays are over and I've just dropped my son off at school."

She was astonished.  "You have a son?  You are a mother?"  Amused, I answered "Yes.  I have a little boy who's almost 3."  Her next sentence made me laugh out loud. "I thought you were a college student!"

"No, I'm going to be 40 years old in a few years' time.  I have not been a student for a long time now, Makcik."

We said goodbye to each other and I walked back to my car with an extra spring in my step.

Was it just my imagination or did her nasi lemak and mihun goreng taste extra nice today?

Will I be going back to buy more?

For sure.

Thank you for making my day, Makcik.


  1. Oh that's a great post :) I will be 40 in a two months (yikes!) so I doubt I will ever be asked if I am a student again!

  2. LOL I was very flattered but I know it's nowhere near the truth. Tell me later what it's like to be 40, I'm a little nervous about approaching the big four-oh!

  3. happy birthday! *muak*

    (did i also make your day or what?)


  4. Golly you still remember! LOL Thank you KH! :))