Friday, September 16, 2011

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...

What do you do when your son starts to look like a little lion with a great mane of hair when he's asleep?

You haul him off to Kwik Cut in Ikano for a hair cut.  We've been there before for his cuts and are very pleased with the quality of the cut and the professionalism of the poor hairstylist who's had to put up with Connor's screams and tears each time.  Not to mention their fabulous price of RM13 for a cut!

This time, Connor still screamed and cried but a LOT less than the last time.  It helped that another little boy was getting his hair cut before our turn and he didn't cry.  Connor was watching intently and I think he felt that it couldn't be that bad if the boy didn't cry.  I also figured out that Connor is freaked out by the hair landing on his arms so I dressed him in a long-sleeved shirt (the Thomas tee he's wearing in that sleeping pic actually!) and it helped a LOT.  I thought we were in for another disastrous time because Connor clearly remembered the last time we were there.  How did I know that?  Well, when he saw we were approaching the shop, he started whimpering and tried to drag me away from it.  LOL 

We promised him McDonald's as a treat later and when I asked him if he wanted to eat some chips, he nodded and said in between sobs "I want eat Coke and chips please."  So kesian!  A friend of mine joked that he was very well brought up because he could still say "please" even though he was crying.  LOL

He was hugged and cuddled and coddled all day long after that and we made a big fuss about how handsome he looked in his new hairdo.   

Think he looks so much better with less hair.  Here's hoping our next trip will be a lot better. 

The result!  This is Connor at the Mid Autumn event at Solaris Dutamas with his new boyish hairdo.

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  1. I know how hard it is! My 17 month old has needed 4 haircuts already and it's not a pleasant experience. Hair cuts here cost $26 AUD for a child :(