Sunday, September 18, 2011

UK News: Man arrested for murder after intruder killed at his home

I thought I was misunderstood the news report so I read it several times.  But no, I've got it right.

Let me get this straight.

Some nutjob and his pals decide to rob me.  I put up a fight to defend my home and family, stabbing him to death in the process... and *I* get arrested for murder while the nutjob gets flowers and tributes outside my home which he tried to rob?



  1. Isn't it awful :( He was afraid for his wife and young son as they were due home (I didn't realise they arrived in the middle of it as i read a different article), that really did tug at my heart strings - what a horrible situation for him to be in.

    Surely he won't be charged!!

  2. The latest I'd read was that he'd been bailed. I was glad to read his wife and son managed to escape unhurt. He was just doing what any other father would do if his home and family were threatened.

    Btw, I can't comment on your blog and I'd love to because your pictures are lovely!