Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mini-drama at school

We had a bit of a tantrum at school on Monday.

Connor had been looking forward to school, had been calling out "School, school!" when we got into the car and started our drive.  But once we arrived at school and it was time for him to climb out of his car seat, something went wrong.  I'm not sure what but Connor just burst into tears and wouldn't stop crying.

I carried him into school and comforted him the best I could, asking if he could tell me what was wrong.  He was sobbing so hard I couldn't make out what he said but after about maybe 50 repetitions, I finally cracked the code.

"Car seat!"
"Car seat?  You want to go back into your car seat?"
"Yes please... go back car seat, mummy..."

I told the teachers I would take him back to the car to calm him down and then persuade him to go back to school again.  We were all puzzled as this is very unusual behaviour from Connor who normally loves school.

Once back in the car, Connor clambered back into his car seat, tried to buckle himself in and told me "Mummy, let's go shopping!"

I'm like "HUH????  Shopping???  Now???"

I guess he was annoyed that we hadn't taken him out much over the weekend as we had been busy organising our clothes into our newly built wardrobes.   It must have been boring to sit at home and watch Mummy and Daddy go back and forth opening boxes and putting things away instead of going out somewhere as we normally do.

Fortunately, some other children had started to arrive so I said as calmly as I could "We can't go shopping now, Connor. It's time for school.  Look, all your friends are here.  Later we go shopping okay?"

Much to my relief, Connor said "Okay." and climbed out of the car seat without further fuss.

We went back to school and he was fine.

When I picked him up in the afternoon, the teachers told me that he'd been talking all morning about going shopping.  LOL  So I took him to Bangsar Village for a wander before we headed home and we haven't had a problem with "going shopping" ever since.

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