Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Connor Says: Gwailo Part II

I'd posted before about how I taught Connor how to say gwailo.  Hehe.  He doesn't know the real meaning of the word, he just thinks it's an utterly hilarious word.  It must be because each time he uses it, we fall about laughing.

Two days ago when Dear Hubby came home from work, Connor had run to the door calling "Daddy, Daddy!"  Connor did the usual - a big hug and cuddle for Daddy after not seeing him for the whole day.  As Connor was hugging his father, he beamed and exclaimed in a happy loving tone "Gwailo Daddy!"

My god.  I thought we would never stop laughing.

Dear Hubby asked "What have you been teaching him while I'm gone!"  I didn't!  Honest.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! well, you probably weren't purposely teaching him that, but kids are like sponges... ;) wonder what else he's picked up from you...kekeke...