Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Connor at school: Happy Deepavali!

When we got to school on Tuesday morning, there was a notice saying that there would be a Deepavali dress-up day on Wednesday.  For those of you not in the know, Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights, the celebration of the triumph of good over evil.  While I was delighted there was going to be a dress-up day at school for Deepavali, I was also left wondering where I could find a costume for Connor at such short notice.

Fear not.

Enter Auntie M, who while not Hindu, was in possession of an Indian boy's costume.  I rushed over to get it that very day.  Yes!  Mission accomplished!  Now to just put it on Connor next morning and we're set.

What I had not bargained for was my son's burgeoning fashion sense.  A toddler boy's fashion sense generally revolves around wearing shirts featuring his favourite cartoon characters.  Toddler girls tend to be more sophisticated, choosing pretty dresses and shoes, some plumping for tiaras.   And so Connor was FURIOUS.  He wanted to wear his Thomas shirt to school and was bitterly disappointed when Mummy made him put on this strange shirt.  He hated it.

Fortunately for Mummy, I bribed him with his Thomas shoes.  Okay lah.. can't get the shirt but at least got the shoes.  I secretly packed his Thomas shirt into his school bag so that he could change into it once we'd snapped all the pics and he'd at least been in the spirit of things at school.

This is what Connor looked like in the outfit.  I thought he was so cute!



  1. Which nursery that yoour son is attending?
    My son is four this year and i am relocating to KL. I went for survey some kindy such as Children House, Children Discovery House, My Montessori and others. The first two are so expensive.

  2. Hi if you'll drop me your email, I'll reply privately. Prefer to keep my son's school name private.

    My Montessori is a very good school, have heard so many good reco. Summerfields in Sri Hartamas is also popular, I was there last weekend for the ibu jumble sale. They have large grounds for the kids to play in. A neighbour sends her twins there and they seem to be very happy there. I agree on the fees for Children's House and CDH... it's more than what my dad paid for my Uni tuition fees! LOL