Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crocodile Creek backpacks are awesome!

Connor's Skip Hop zoo backpack was starting to fall to pieces so I started looking around for another.  Check these Skip Hop backpacks out, they are so cute!  We own the zebra design.

This was when I discovered it's virtually impossible to find a kid's backpack in KL that hasn't got Ben 10 or Thomas or Buzz Lightyear on it.  I didn't want to buy a backpack with a cartoon character on it as Connor's not overly big on any one particular cartoon.  If I bought Buzz now, he might just decide at age 4 that he doesn't really like Buzz anymore and refuse to use the backpack.

I searched online and found this - Crocodile Creek backpacks!  WAH.  So cute.  But they don't sell them in Kuala Lumpur.  Fortunately, I tracked down an online shop in Singapore called Little Sunshine that sells them.  They sell mainly to distributors and retailers but I thought I'd write in anyway and find out.

And yay! - I got me one!  I picked the jouster design as a nod to Connor's English heritage (King Arthur and his knights, anyone?).  This design is no longer available on the official Crocodile Creek website.

Auntie Beetrice was kind enough to help carry it back from Singapore on her weekend trip (THANK YOU AUNTIE B!) and I got it last weekend.  I am so thrilled.  The bag is very sturdy, the zippers are strong and chunky, the colours are wonderfully bright and we can fit in a whole lot more into this as it's much bigger than the Skip hop bag.  In truth, it's probably too big for Connor to carry now but I'm aiming to have this bag last him till Year 2 at school.

The bag!  It comes with a mesh pocket at the side for a water bottle.  That was one of my main criteria for a kid's backpack and it was amazing how many kid's backpack lack mesh pockets at the side.

See how much it can hold?  A storybook, spare change of clothes, pack of wipes, wash bag with his swim gear and towel... and space for more!

The front pocket has a handy label where you can write his name.  I know of many schools who insist parents label all their children's belongings to avoid mini-wars at school.

Even the side lining has jousters all over them.  A nice touch.

Connor with his new backpack this morning just before we left for school.  Cute bag or what!

Very pleased with my purchase, two thumbs up for sure! 


  1. shucks, I meant to leave a comment last week! :S Connor looks so cute with his backpack...and you're most welcome! :D So what's next on the 'mule' list? *shhh*

  2. Hi Mrs Monkey, my husband has been recently posted to KL and so I find myself plopped into a new, strange land.

    Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon your site. I love reading about the shops and makan places that you post.

    I have a couple of questions and would be very grateful if you could help me with them.

    1. I remembered reading a post about a brow-shaping artist who was previously from Shu Uemura. You were even kind enough to give us her number but I simply could not find the post again. Please, I would really appreciate it if you could post her number again or direct me to the post in which it appeared.

    2. I've heard of a street whereby fabric is sold. Which street is it? Also, do you have any good seamstress/tailor that you could recommend?

    I would truly be in your debt if you could enlighten me on the above points.

    In the meantime, I look forward to more of your light-hearted and informative posts.

    Translocated Soul

  3. beetrice, no more purchases... I think the hubby is keeping a close, CLOSE eye on the credit card for now. There must be a reason why he won't activate our new cards for me even though the current ones will expire in Jan 2012... why ah? ;)

  4. Well hello there Translocated Soul! I love the name... how is it that I can never come up with cool names like that!

    Sorry for the late reply, been mad busy of late but here goes!

    1. The Accredited Eyebrow Expert (that's what it says on her card) is Lisa Yap, you can call her at 012-215 2669 for an appointment.

    2. Erm... I don't know anything about fabric but I guess it could be somewhere near Sogo KL? I don't know of any good tailors either as all the tailoring I ever do is minor adjustments on store-bought clothing. I would suggest you join the Facebook group called ibu, they are a parenting group here in KL and they are very helpful. I've seen your query posted before on the forum, someone else was looking for tailors.

    Glad you're enjoying the blog, wish I could post more though! Enjoy your stay here in Kuala Lumpur... let me know if there's any way I could help. :))

  5. Hi again Translocated Soul, I looked at the ibu Facebook page and someone posted that fabrics can be found at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (it is in Sogo KL area) and also at Mid Valley's Kamdar outlet. Hope you find what you're looking for!