Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to wear sky high heels all night long

I think I've finally cracked it.  I've figured out a way to wear sky high heels all night long without screaming in pain.

First you have to buy a pair of extremely uncomfortable heels.  They have to be so high they give you nose bleeds when you wear them.  They also have to pinch your feet in every place possible and make you sigh longingly when someone talks about how the Chinese used to bind women's feet to stop them from growing.  It's best if they are a half a size smaller and you can barely squeeze your feet into them.

Then you wear these heels for a full day.  It doesn't matter what you do - gardening ke, watching tv ke, cooking ke, lounging in bed with your laptop ke, walking your dog ke... whatever it is, you wear those damn heels and keep them on come what may.

Then you buy the heels you actually want to wear for that super-duper party you're going to attend.

And you put them on.

And guess what?

Those heels will feel like the softest cushiony-est pillows you have ever put on your feet after one day of Torture Heels.

Try it.  It really works.

Till next time, this is Bad Fashion Advice from a stay-at-home mum... good night!

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