Monday, November 21, 2011

Kids Stuff: Racing car beds in Kuala Lumpur

Connor trying out his new bed when it arrived

Okay, the wording on the car was kinda dodgy (Armani??? WTF???)   but what can I do... these were the only designs in the shop

Connor had outgrown his cot a long time ago but we put off buying a big boy bed because we were doing some work in our apartment.

When everything was finally completed, we went out and bought Connor his big boy bed.  I was all for buying a simple bed with bed guard rails but I'd made the mistake of showing Dear Hubby a racing car bed that was available in Harvey Norman.  It was the little boy in Dear Hubby that insisted on buying a racing car bed for our little boy.

But when we got to Harvey Norman, they had just sold the last of the beds and weren't sure when the next batch would be coming in.  I don't know who was more disappointed - Dear Hubby or Connor.

Fortunately, friends pointed me in the direction of Little World Furniture.  We went to the branch that's located just off Old Klang Road.  It's pretty easy to find if you follow the map on their website.

They had a whole range of kids' bedroom furniture.  They had a few designs for racing car beds and one lovely fire engine bunk bed.   If we had two kids, I'd probably go for that.    They also had girls' designs and some gender-neutral designs like a music-themed bed, animals-themed etc.  You can even get matching cupboards, desks and chairs with some designs!  Some of their bunk beds were quite cleverly designed to incorporate lots of storage.  I saw one where the steps for climbing up to the top bunk were actually drawers.  Good if space is tight in a shared room.

We picked this one, the price includes a synthetic rubber foam mattress.  WIth Harvey Norman, you have to pay separately for a mattress.  The raised sides of the bed keep Connor from falling out so we didn't have to worry about him sleeping alone.  The bed takes a standard size 6'x 3' mattress.

You know what's really cool?

The wheels work!  If you push the bed along the floor, it runs on the wheels.

We were there on the weekend and the bed was delivered on the Monday and they helped set it up.  If you want to buy this bed, I suggest you let the bed air out first as there is a paint smell when it's fresh and new.

Until next time, sweet dreams... vroom, vroom!!!!!!


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  2. Hello there,

    This is Amrit, loved the car bed in the pic posted. I am in KL these days, I have a 14 month old son and I am also looking something similar for him. I checked with Little World and their price range for car beds starts with 999 RM. Just wanted to ask how much you got the bed for?


    1. Hello Amrit, my apologies for such a late late late reply but I was so busy with two kids now that I have neglected my blog. I can't remember how much it cost. I think we got it around that price but it included the mattress. Most places we looked at charged that much without a mattress.