Friday, November 25, 2011

Potty training with Connor

Right after Connor turned 3, we started potty training.  Diapers are soooooo convenient but they get really expensive as your child gets bigger.  Plus I was pretty sure Connor was more than ready for potty training as he's shown regularly that he understands he can't pee in the condo pool.  It's quite funny to see him suddenly drop all the pool toys, climb out in a hurry and pee somewhere away from the pool.

I bought lots of cheap easy to pull-up shorts from Carrefour, cost me RM5 per pair... cheap lei!  Day One was very trying.  I told him over and over again the day before we wouldn't be wearing diapers anymore and that he would have to tell me he wants to pee-pee if he needed to.  On Day One, I put him in the cheap shorts and asked at 5-10 minute intervals if he wanted to pee.  He didn't quite get it because he would tell me "No." and then come to me later with wet pants and a mournful look.  "Connor wet-wet."

So I decided a JUMBO cup of juice was in order.  Connor drank almost half of it in one gulp and sure enough, about 5 minutes later.... "Mummy!!!  Pee-pee in toilet!"  My god.  We ran like HELL for the loo.

And he peed.  Into the toilet bowl.  Mummy cheered like he'd won the Nobel Prize or something.

For his efforts, he got a chunk of chocolate.  Connor's eyes widened.  Ooh...treats!  Mummy's not one to give chocolates often, that's usually Daddy the Fellow Chocolate Addict.

A little while after he'd polished off the chocolate, my son came up to me and tugged at my sleeve.  "Pee-pee in toilet?"  Another mad dash.  He strained and strained and managed to squeeze out a droplet.  After I'd cheered his efforts and we'd washed, he held his hand out to me and asked, "Chocolate please?"  Hmm.  I think I've just been conned by a 3yo.

We've been at it for a week now and I think Connor's gotten the hang of it.  Unfortunately, he'll forget once you put trousers on him.  So he's been running about the house erm... hanging free... erm... and I've not had a problem with him peeing anywhere.   Yet.  Once he gets used to the idea of telling me regularly about pee-pee in toilet, I'll try the pants on again.

I've also stopped the chocolate treats.  Connor's just happy to be allowed to flush the toilet and watch everything swirl down the hole so I use that as his reward.

Now to teach him to poo-poo in toilet.


  1. Hi Mrs Top Monkey, just want to say this is a funny post. I've been following your blog since you started living in Jakarta and now back in KL. Really enjoy reading your blog. :)

  2. LOL I'm glad I managed to see the funny side of potty training. Thank you for the comment, glad you enjoy my ramblings!

  3. Yay for Connor!! And yay for Mommy! I was soooo happy when Joseph was finally potty trained. Here's to continued success with pooping in the toilet. :-)

  4. Thanks Andrea! We had an interruption to potty training as we were away almost all of Dec so didn't manage to teach him No. 2 yet.