Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Christmas diet plan

I knew I had to lose the excess weight I'd been carrying ever since we got back from our UK holidays in June.  Especially so since we're headed back to the UK and:
1.  I need to fit into my layered winter gear and STILL fit into the doorway
2.  I need to make room for all the Christmas goodies that I will surely stuff my gob with when we get to my mother-in-law's kitchen

So I embarked on a desperate diet.

First I tried the Model's Lettuce Diet.  Except that mine was stir-fried with oyster sauce and shallots Chinese-style and served with rice.  Not quite the same as just eating raw lettuce.  After two days of religiously following this with regular glances at Kate Moss' pic to spur me on, I caved in.  Must.... have..... meat..... and..... more... calories...

So I ran out and ate at McDonald's.  "Would you like some fries with that?"  YES PLEASE!  Two days of work gone down the drain.  Sigh.

Never mind.  Try, try again.

I decided then that exercise was more my thing.  So I walked the malls with great vigour for five days in a row.  Had to ditch that plan as well when Dear Hubby demanded an explanation for all the strange things popping up in the credit card statement.  "Oh er... that one from Zara, that one from Isetan... this one leh from MNG.... eheheh...."  So much for the exercise route.

However I have managed to lose 5lbs of my target 6lbs.  Dear Hubby snorted.  "It can't be weight loss, it must just be water retention that was all the excess weight!"

Jealous izzit?

Just a leeeeetle bit more to go and I'm all set for Christmas eating!


  1. hahaha...but wrestling with clothes in fitting rooms counts as exercise right? right?? :P

    otherwise, I'm more than happy to come and regale you with more stories of weird foods and animals...*ahem* confirm you won't be able to eat for a week! ;)

  2. Yea... but the only problem is I also exercise taking the credit card out of the wallet after that! So had to stop.
    I usually try to think about eating balut now during meal times, I find it helps tremendously with the diet plan. ;)