Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Connor says: Penis

Our flights to UK last month included a stopover in Dubai.  So while we were there, I grabbed the chance to go to the toilet and took Connor with me.

The toilet was crowded but everyone patiently waited their turn.  When it was my turn, Connor obediently followed me into the cubicle and immediately pointed to the loo. "Mummy, it's a toilet!  Don't touch the toilet, it's dirty!"  "Yes, that's right Connor... don't you go touching the toilet.  Now can you stand here and wait for Mummy to pee-pee?"

He stood quietly in a corner while I did my stuff.   When I was done and was standing up pulling on my jeans, my son pointed and said in his loud toddler voice, "That's Mummy's penis!"

Why thank you, my son.  Now everyone in this crowded loo thinks your Mummy's a tranny.

With great dignity (as much as I could muster with my jeans half-up in a small loo) and great restraint, I said equally loudly in the hopes that all could hear me,  "No, Connor.  Mummy doesn't have a penis.  Only you and Daddy have penises.  Now come on, let's go look for Daddy okay?"

I walked out of the cubicle, head held high but inwardly I was convinced everyone else was staring at my crotch area trying to see if I really had a bulge there.  We washed our hands and then I *ran* out of the loo.

Note to self:  Must teach Connor new word - "vagina".


  1. *gasping for breath from laughing too hard* Connor says the darnedest things! XD

  2. It wasn't quite so funny then. i would have flushed him down the toilet if I could!

  3. LMAO! From the mouths of babes!

  4. Makes for great dinner party storytelling though, Dot!