Monday, January 9, 2012

Tips on potty training

Now that Connor is almost fully potty-trained, I feel that I am more than qualified to dispense advice to mums who are seeking to potty train their little ones.  I have been through the ordeal! And survived!  Therefore my words of wisdom are.. erm... true! *lightning flash and thunder*


When you read all the books, they all say the same thing.  Rewards.  Buy the potty.  Buy training pants.  Take them to the loo every 15 min or so (or whatever timing) until they get used to it.  Chocolates.  Stickers.  Potty training books and CDs.  But none of them mention the ONE thing that is sure to get them to go to the potty.

One GIANT cup of juice.

Fellow mummies, that is the secret to potty training.  All you have to do is make your little one drink one giant cup of juice and take his diaper off.  Pretty soon, the little one will need to pee and that is when you rush to the potty.  For sure your little one will pee.  Then you clap and cheer.

Repeat with another giant cup of juice.  If your little one is reluctant to drink, an IKEA curry puff or Maggi curry noodles usually helps things along.  "Ooh, Mummy.. it's so spicy!  Juice please!"  Ta-dah.

Repeat with another trip to potty.  After a few days of this, they will get the idea.

My methods may be unconventional but hey, they work.  Connor was potty-trained within weeks and we had very few accidents.

Cubalah sendiri.

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