Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Congratulations to A and J on their happy news!

I received some very happy news from an old friend a few days ago.  She wrote to say she was pregnant!  I was so happy for her.  I've known her since childhood, her older sister and I were inseparable in school and it's kinda strange to think that she's now old enough to be a mother... which means I'm getting old too!

Every time a girlfriend tells me they're expecting or a guy friend tells me his wife is, I get all giddy with joy for them.  Maybe it's because their news brings back memories of my rather happy and fuss-free pregnancy and I get all fuzzy and warm inside again.  Maybe it's because we've had so much joy with our little boy and I wish the same for my friends who have yet to experience parenthood.

Congrats to A and J - looking forward to saying hello to the little bundle of joy when he arrives!


  1. isn't it time you plan for #2?


  2. Well KH... I discovered that the best contraceptive in the world is an active toddler.... so..... ;)