Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eating Out: Wantan Mee stall at Publika Food Court, Solaris Dutamas

I love wantan mee.  So does Connor.  And the wantan mee stall at the Publika Food Court serves up a rather delicious plate of wantan mee.

Unfortunately, I'll never taste it again.

This is because I'll never, ever, ever, EVER hand over my (husband's) hard-earned money to such snobbish, rude people.

The first time we were there, the food court was nearly empty.  I ordered wantan mee to share with Connor.  The service I got was... oh wait, no - what service?  The guy who dished up the wantan mee did not say a single word to me.  He had on a surly expression as if he was serving time behind the stall.  I forgot about him when I had a taste because the wantan mee was really good.

The second, and last, time I was there was on a busy weekend.  There were people standing in front the stall clutching their paper receipts.  They'd paid up and were waiting for their meals to be ready.  I made my way to the front.  There was no one manning the counter, everyone was holed up in the cooking area.  I waited a while, then called out "Hello!" to get their attention.

One woman came out.  I thought she was going to take my order. No.  She just pulled this muka masam and busied herself filling little containers with the green chillies.  Then she went to slice the char siew sloooooowly.  Man, I'd never seen a wantan mee seller slice char siew that slowly in my life.  No wonder they had so many orders backlogged.   I spent my childhood in a kopitiam and our wantan mee man could chop up an entire pig's worth of char siew before you could say "Oink!"

I called out to her, "Hello... take order?"  She completely ignored me and went back to the kitchen area.

That did it.  I turned and walked off.

All she had to do was say "Can you wait a while, we're quite busy now?  I will take your order later." or something to that effect and I would have waited quite happily.  Not a single word.

You can keep your bloody wantan mee.  There are a million other wantan mee stalls in the world.  However, if you like your wantan mee delicious and served with a HUGE dose of bad temper, by all means, patronise their stall.

I won't.

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