Monday, March 5, 2012

Connor's progress at speech therapy

At last week's session, Mario asked, "Have you noticed any improvement?"

My answer was a happy and resounding "YES!".

What have I noticed?  Well, Connor's describing more things and using far more words.  He's also linking more concepts together.  For example, he has a shiny Ferrari.  A toy Ferrari though, not the real ones.  Naturally, it's Ferrari red.  He was playing with it and talking about his red Ferrari and how James (from Thomas the Tank Engine) was red too.

He's answering questions with longer sentences, mainly because I won't give him what he wants unless he asks properly for it.  For example, previously I would let him get away with "Juice?" or "Juice please?"  Now he won't get any juice unless he says "May I have some juice please, Mummy?"

At that moment in Mario's room, Connor was on the floor playing happily with the Thomas train track.  Mario's office is filled with his toys as his patients are all kids.  Connor was chattering away as he played.  "Stop, Thomas! The traffic light is red.  Now it's green! Now you can go!  Look, Mummy... Thomas stopping at train station.  The passengers getting on!"   Connor has a tendency to leave out "is", "are", "were", "was" etc so we're working on that.

Mario asked me, "Does he play like that at home?"  I replied, "Oh yes.  He'll talk to his trains like they're real and offer them juice and cookies.  Or he'll pretend to be a mechanic and fix his toys."  "That's good, that's good!  That's what we want to see."

He sat back and smiled at me, "See?  He's coming along very well.  I told you not to worry!" I smiled back and shrugged my shoulders "Well... I'm his mother..."

I am happy that Mario notes progress as well.  He said Connor is actually doing very well in the therapy and he's picking stuff up quickly.

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