Sunday, March 11, 2012

For Connor, my little fish

My son,

Yesterday, Mummy watched with pride and clapped and cheered when you swam all by yourself the last few feet to the side of the grown-ups' pool.  Daddy was right behind you, ready to catch you but he didn't need to and he was just as proud when you reached the side and grinned up at me.

Before you were born, when you were still inside Mummy, I used to spend time relaxing in our pool.  I'd watch you kick in my tummy and laugh at the ripples you made in the water.  We lived in Jakarta then and had our own pool behind the house.  After you were born, we took you into our pool when you were only months old.  You spent many happy afternoons splashing around with Daddy in our pool and in the kiddies' pool at the American Club.

When we moved back to Kuala Lumpur, we continued taking you to the pool.  We watched you start out at the shallow end of the kids' pool in our condo, then you graduated to the deeper end.  Just before you turned three, you started jumping off the platform of the gazebo into the deep end of the kids' pool.  You'd always needed us to hold your hand or to catch you before.  But now you didn't and we knew that you were a big boy now.

Daddy took you regularly to the grown-ups' pool too and you learnt to not fear that great expanse of water, jumping into Daddy's arms or paddling after him,  knowing he would always catch you.  Look at you now!  Now you want to go the big pool all the time, even when Daddy's not there, because he's taught you not to be afraid.

Two weeks ago, Daddy removed all the floats in your float suit and we watched proudly as you swam all by yourself for the first time.  Mummy was SO proud!  I can't swim even at my ripe old age but you could and you were only three years old.  That night after you'd gone to bed, tired out from the swim, Mummy and Daddy talked about how proud we were that you could swim.   We got Nana on MSN to tell her all about it and she too was very proud.

You probably won't be able to remember this event so I'm writing this down for you.  You probably won't realise how excited and proud we were so here's our memories for you to make your own for next time.

I guess that's why I'm really keeping this blog.  I'm writing down all my memories so that you can make them your own one day.  You're too little now to remember all the things you did.  But Mummy and Daddy can remember them for you  until you're old enough.  Then one day, when we're too old and can't remember them anymore... you can tell us stories of the memories that we once had.

Keep swimming, my son.  Keep making more memories and I will keep writing them down for you.



  1. Hi Proud Mommy

    I completely understand what that feels when you see your lil one flourish with their tiny steps.
    I have a four yr daughter and I am overwhelmed with such feelings when she accomplishes something new which was totally unexpected.
    We are currently stationed in Dubai and moving to KL sometime in April. I came across your blog just today and enjoyed reading it and also the houmour along with it.
    I have narrowing my pre school search at the moment. We'll be putting up in Solaris Dutamas.
    I am glad I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and I have been following a another mum's blog lately. Both have been immensely helpful.
    Keep up the great work.


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  4. Hi Mrs Top Monkey

    I thought my comments weren't uploaded n clicked the Publish icon 3 or 4times, just got a msg about all d comments.Hehehe, sorry abt tht.

    I have been reading about all kids activities to do around in the city on your blog.Keep blogging.


  5. Hi Deepti, welcome to Kuala Lumpur! Don't worry about the multiple comments, I've been guilty of that myself while commenting on other blogs.

    There are a few near Solaris Dutamas. Summerfields is nearby, my neighbour's twins go there and they enjoy it. There is Baby Jumper Gym which is just going to open in Publika itself, you can check that out, I'm going to have a look. In nearby Solaris Mont Kiara, I think there are some others as well but I haven't gone to check. Flykidz I think is in Solaris Mont Kiara, they do kids' gymnastics. Children's Discovery House is in i-zen Mont Kiara which is just a 5 min drive away down a road. I don't have reviews though, I've been looking for them myself and can't find any.

    If you want to try international schools, Garden Intl School's Early Years Center is in nearby Sri Hartamas (UK curriculum) and Mont Kiara Intl Sch is even closer to you (US curriculum). Let me know if you need help/directions, I live near Publika and will be happy to help. I hope you enjoy your stay in KL... you know, I'm hoping we get posted to Dubai as I liked it so much when we were there for a visit 2 years ago! Hehe